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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elements And Tools For Web Designing

Web designing is the process of planning and creating a new website. The elements like images, text, and digital media are used by the web designer to produce the page on the web browser. The language used by designers are HTML for structure and CSS (cascading style sheet) for presentation to develop pages that can be read by web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer. In the web 2.0 the other programming languages, such as JAVA SCRIPT, PHP, and Perl are used to develop websites that are both interactive and engaging. Some tools are also used like CODA, TRASMIIT, KULER, MAMP, NOTEBOOK, etc are used for web designing. These tools help the designer while making the new website.

The web consists with pages and presenting information using different technologies and linked together with hyperlinks. There are two basic aspects to any web page found on the Internet. The first is a presentation that the user interacts with, usually visually, while the second is a back-end that includes information for non-human browsers. While creating web design the designer must keep in mind the simple ideas like swap images, dhtml, flash , eye catching graphics and last but not least is use table creativity. From a technical standpoint, the act of web design can be quite difficult but if one can understand this that person can do it in a best way. The main objective is to help customers or to other stakeholders (shareholders, employees, distributers). It will help them to find information or to talk to the organization and also help them to save money and time. The possibilities for web design are virtually limitless, although at one point they were quite constrained by the boundaries of the browser itself.

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